West Coast Eagles Zone

This Zone includes the West Coast Eagles new administration and training facilities. All other facilities and buildings within the zone are shared community facilities, including the Community Education Centre, the Community Events and Function Centre and the Interactive Sports and Cultural Centre. The new Community Education Centre will provide vital facilities for the delivery of community programs in partnership with the Town of Victoria Park, other community agencies and groups. It will also provide a new home for the nationally acclaimed Wirrpanda Foundation, which delivers a broad array of programs focusing on the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Project Manager

Kevin Cunningham
Project Manager for: 
Perth Football Club Zone and West Coast Eagles Zone
(08) 9311 8111

Project Updates



Parking information for Perth FC home games

March 30, 2017

With the first home game of the season this Saturday, the Perth Football Club has provided information on where members and spectators can park on game day.

Parking: Available at the old bowling club site (corner of Bishopsgate St & Roberts Rd) and the surrounds of Rayment Park.

See below map for parking locations and entrance gates.​


Further information on tree maintenance and pruning

March 10, 2017

The Town has approved tree maintenance and pruning works to the trees to the north of Oval 1 on Lathlain Park, and the works will be undertaken in the week commencing 13 March 2017. This is a process which has been undertaken previously.

These works will be undertaken in accordance with a scope of works developed by consultant arborist, Paperbark Technologies and the works will be completed by Beaver Tree Services who as an experienced arborist and tree maintenance contractor regularly undertake such works within the Town of Victoria Park.

The works are a component of a broader work schedule to the public area to the north of Oval 1, and are required to provide the best opportunity for the playing surface of Oval 1 to reach the required standard for playing and training by the Perth Football Club.  The works proposed are part of the main Lathlain Park development approval issued in December 2016, and the Town is satisfied that the tree maintenance and pruning are required.

Trees within the area (north of Oval 1 and surrounds) number in excess of 170 specimens. From the arborist’s assessment, this minor pruning is in respect to 14 trees only situated around the Oval 1 north embankment, of which five trees relate to tree health management including dead wood pruning and rectification of previous pruning, and nine trees relate to thinning their canopy by not more than 10%.        

 To clarify, there will – 

  • be no “clearing”
  • be no “clearing of native trees”
  • be no “bush clearing”
  • be no “tree felling”
  • be no pruning beyond the 10% requirement in line with the arborist’s scope relating to 14 trees only, to the north of Oval 1
  • not be “800m2 of tree canopy” removed
  • be checks undertaken for nesting birds in accordance with Council’s standard tree maintenance practices.

As part of the forward works development approval issued for Lathlain Park, there is a requirement for a ratio of 6:1 replacement trees to be planted, in lieu of the 98 trees that were approved for removal.  This planting initiative commenced in 2016, with significant numbers of trees proposed to be planted in the 2017 planting season, then concluded in conjunction with the extensive landscaping proposed to be undertaken adjacent to the West Coast Eagles’ main building, administration and training headquarters in 2018.


Turf growth is on target

March 9, 2017

Civil works by the West Coast Eagles' contractor for Oval 1 and Oval 2 have been successfully completed with turf established and now being maintained by the contractor.

Turf growth for Oval 1 is on target to enable use by Perth Football Club (PFC) for their first WAFL home game in Round 3 on Saturday 1 April 2017. Small scale maintenance and pruning of the trees to the north of Oval 1 will take place during the week commencing Monday 13 March 2017 to avoid shade that would affect oval turf growth and recovery from game day and training use. Total canopy removal will be no more than 10% of existing canopy cover and will be undertaken by a minimum level 3 qualified arborist.

Other current works include:

  • Installation of turf and reticulation for the PFC spectator embankment (including some limestone retaining for seating).
  • Installation of oval fences and site perimeter fences.
  • Relocation of existing PFC oval lighting for temporary use prior to the installation of the new oval lighting (date to be determined).
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