Scouts Building Zone

This Zone will consist of an amenity upgrade to the existing Scout Hall on Lot 61 Lathlain Place to provide an updated space for the community groups operating there.

Project Manager

Kaitlyn Griggs
Project Manager for: 
Scouts Building Zone
(08) 9311 8111

Project Updates



New paving for the Scouts Building Zone

March 9, 2017

Over the last month we have seen the side and rear of the Scouts building come to life with new paving, which enhances the visual appearance and functionality of the site.



Draft concept plan for Zone 8

February 7, 2017

Following consultation with the Carlisle Scouts and relevant stakeholders,  the draft concept plan for Zone 8 has been presented to the LPRP team for consideration. Additional funding for the project has been requested for consideration in the mid-year budget review, which will take place this month.



Scouts Building update

November 23, 2016

The minor works to the front of the Scouts building are near completion.

To add vibrancy, the Town will undertake a quotation process for a mural which will adorn the exterior of the building. Concept designs will be reviewed by the Town and Carlisle Scouts with a joint decision made on the preferred concept. The quotation process will be advertised through the Town’s social media sites, as well as other channels.  

The soft landscaping has commenced, with plants and wood features to be added in the coming week.​

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