Rayment Park Zone

Rayment Park sits adjacent to Lathlain Primary School and Lathlain Place, providing an enjoyable destination for families. The parkland will be enhanced with junior and senior playgrounds, a nature play area, a barbecue and seating area, toilet block, verge car parking and tree and understory planting.

Project Manager

Gregor Wilson
Project Manager for: 
Rayment Park Zone
(08) 9311 8111

Project Updates


Photo Gallery

Junior and senior kids playgrounds at Rayment Park

February 7, 2017



Rayment Park playgrounds open

January 31, 2017

The security fences for the junior and senior playgrounds have now been removed and both playgrounds are open for the public to use. 

Nature playground construction will begin on 6 February and finish in early March.

The revamp of the gazebo and the installation of picnic tables, a BBQ and shelter will commence in March. 

In relation to the path network, the Town will have them installed after all the above works are completed. The reason for this is that some larger vehicles may be needed to deliver materials and infrastructure and we do not want to risk them crossing and potentially damaging the new paths.

Pending council budget approval in February, the installation of the toilet should commence in March/April.


Work continues at Rayment Park

January 20, 2017
  • Tree pruning activities – The Town's contractor is currently working on site. They're removing deadwood and some low hanging branches to improve the health of the trees, reduce the potential of branch drop and provide better vision across the park. They won't be removing any trees.


  • Rubber soft fall – The junior kids playground is getting its rubber soft fall installed today and should be finished by early afternoon. Please don’t be tempted to sneak in and use it though! The rubber compound takes up to 24 hours to dry; if it is used before then it can cause damage.


  • Work is continuing on the launch ramp for the senior kids playground flying fox. Unfortunately, it appears some individuals breached the fence yesterday to access the equipment. The Town would just like to remind residents that the playgrounds will be open for use only after the security fences are removed. They are not yet completed and are fenced off for the safety of the public and the equipment.
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