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The Lathlain Community Building is an example of how the Town intends to achieve its vision: “Victoria Park - Vibrant Lifestyle”. The central premise of this project is to deliver one multifunctional building to be immediately occupied by community groups/services, to help make Lathlain a more focal and vibrant place. The building will be occupied by the following community groups and services: Lathlain Carlisle Playgroup, Carlisle Victoria Park Toy Library and Child and Adolescent Health

Project Manager

Michael Swanepoel
Project Manager for: 
Community Building and Lathlain Place Streetscape
(08) 9311 8111

Project Updates



Community building gets a name

March 9, 2017

At the February 2017 Council meeting, Council resolved to name the building the 'Keith Hayes Community Centre'. The naming of the building will occur after the October 2017 local government elections.

Lathlain Playgroup has signed their lease and they are now organising to move in. The leases for the other two groups are being finalised.


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Landscaping works almost complete

February 7, 2017

The landscaping out the back has progressed well. It's expected that works will finish soon.

Lease negotiations with two of the three tenants are ongoing. The lease with the Lathlain Playgroup will be finalised shortly.



Landscaping works underway at community building

January 13, 2017

Landscaping works have begun out the back and should be finished in three to four weeks.

Lease discussions with the three proposed tenants are continuing.

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