Top Construction Trends in Australia To Learn More About

The construction industry in Australia is at a global scale on so many levels. There are hundreds of firms and contractors able to provide the most innovative services utilising automation and technology.

Here in Lathlain, we have seen many of our firms embrace technology while staying true to hard work and high standard services. So, to help other firms out there, here are the top trends you need to monitor all year long.

Client Construction Portal – Technological Solutions

Have you ever heard of a client construction portal? These are online platforms wherein clients and contractors can get updates on the progress of a property being built. That’s right, despite not going to the property site, you can check the construction progress of your dream home right at home.

We are not just talking about updates but a portal that allows you to check on everything you want to be done for your home. You can check if they are done with the pipeline or maybe the heater.

This trend became more imminent during the Covid-19 pandemic. The federal government was also quick to provide financial assurance to the construction sector in the country.

According to the government, construction will play a vital role during the recovery phase of the country once the pandemic is behind us all. The client construction portal is just one of the technological solutions firms are embracing here in Australia.

Even here in Lathlain, many firms can automate many of their administrative work with the use of technology.

Many of the proposed development projects here in the suburb are sure to leverage these technological innovations.

Workplace Equality

The construction company and even the mining company is mostly dominated by male workers. There are only a few female workers you’ll see in these sectors. That is all going to change. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 86% of workers in construction are male and 84% for mining.

The federal government, state governments, city councils and private organisations are pushing forward for equality in the workplace, not just with gender by the way. This has been one of the most talked-about topics before 2020.

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