Things to Look Forward to in Lathlain

Every year, hundreds of new residents are calling Lathlain their new home. People all over the country are seeing a lot of potential when residing in Lathlain. If you are planning to live in Lathlain yourself, then here are the things to look forward to.

Amazing Community

Lathlain is one of the most welcoming suburbs in the state of Western Australia. People just moving in or visiting are being amazed at how the people in the suburb look out for each other. Let us read one of the comments in Homely from one of the residents there.

Things to Look Forward to in Lathlain community - Things to Look Forward to in Lathlain

Ashleigh Goodchild said there is a lot to look forward to here in terms of community and that the suburb has a lot of potential. “There is a good mix of people that live here from young families to older retirees.”

Here in Lathlain, we are not just talking about a diverse community but an actual community that takes care of each other.

Property and Property Investment

Lathlain is becoming more and more of a top real estate destination for first-time homebuyers and people looking for great property investments. The median house price in the suburb is at $659,000 and you can even get one for as low as $500,000. The median rentper week is at $395.

There is a lot of ongoing and planned residential development projects here in Lathlain. Especially now that the suburb is expecting to have a populationof more than 6,000 by the end of 2020.

Sports is also a driving factor for the suburb’s property market. There has been a lot of projects in terms of sports and sports centres in Lathlain that is sure to generate more interested buyers. Last year, the West Coast Eagles opened a new training facility for thousands of people in the suburb.

Soon, Lathlain will be a property management powerhouse in the city of Perth and probably even in the entire state of Western Australia.

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