The Growing Town of LathLain

Lathlain is an inner south-eastern suburb of Perth; Western Australia is one of the fastest-growing areas in the state.


What is going on in Lathlain?

Short answer, a lot. First of all, here is a short background of Lathlain. As mentioned above, Lathlain is a suburb in the city of Perth, it shelters 3,370 people as of 2016 and is probably around to 4,000 to 5,000 today.


Lathlain is known for its community spirit or as some people in the suburb refer to it, neighbourly spirit. Clean and green initiatives are all over maintaining the cleanliness of public areas and streets. People here look out for each other.


One of the most recent major projects for the suburb is the development project of the Perth Football Club grandstand at the Lathlain Oval that is a major step forward for more sports events and investments in the suburb that will benefit Perth.


More and more people are also moving to Lathlain hoping for an improved lifestyle as well as flourishing business investments. With support from the state government and city council of Perth, Lathlain’s population is expected to doublefrom what it was in 2016 at the end of 2020. The suburb will also be able to inject more money locally that will support a lot of government projects for the welfare of residents.


The future of Lathlain is looking brighter than ever, and we want to be part of it.


Lathlain Precinct Services

Lathlain Precinct is a consulting firm helping people and organisations engage in the many investments and projects here in the suburb.


Development Plans Consultation

We are partners with the city council, state government and private organisations in making Lathlain a better place to live for thousands. These include economic development plans for the future.


Residential Projects Consultation

We are also working with real estate and construction firms in building more quality homes for the growing community of Lathlain, especially with its population expected to double by 2020.


Business Investment Consultation

We also help people and organisations venture on available business investments here in Lathlain. There is so much to invest in here in Lathlain in terms of retail, real estate, and more.


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