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Lathlain’s development started way back during the 1890s. Ever since then, the area welcomed more people looking for a home while others simply stayed in the area and are still there till now.

There is so much history in Lathlain, most are not written in textbooks but are treasured by the people who call it home for decades. Lathlain Precinct is a services provider that focuses on the development of the suburb in different aspects including residential, commercial business, wellness centres, road networks, development projects and more.

At the helm of Lathlain Precinct is Mr Aaron Walters who was originally from Queensland but migrated to Lathlain back in 2000. When he founded the consulting firm back in 2012, he was working as a hand compositor for more than 8 years.

Lathlain Precinct today

Lathlain Precinct is your number 1 source for everything about Lathlain and we mean everything. Here, you can see the suburb’s population report, household statistics, employment market, local businesses, on-going projects, upcoming projects and even upcoming events.

Lathlain Precinct was established to help the growth of the suburb economically and as a business hub. Lathlain is already a sports destination especially for the fans of the Perth Football Club or the Demons.

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Lathlain is truly a hidden gem here in Australia. In terms of travel and leisure, it does not have much to mention for now. But there are several activities to do here as well as public parks and community centres.

If you are interested in moving to Lathlain for residency or an investment, contact us today.